Travel Is a Pleasure with Orange Travels
16.07.2014 12:36
Orange Travels

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Travel by road is opted by many people, who travel to their hometowns, on business trips and to places to which rail travel or air travel is not possible. It is also a convenient option when one does not plan for the trip in advance. The bus travel operators operate buses of different cadres for people from all levels to travel.

Orange Travels is a travel operator whose parent company is Thirumala cabs. The operator began services on the 7th of July in 2011 at Hyderabad under the name Orange tours and travels. The company has other sister concerns like the Orange cabs, Orange cargo carriers. Thirumala cabs have been providing cab services to corporate like GMR, Wipro and some other well known customers.

The Reliable Travel Services
The travel operator emphasises on providing reliable travel services. They run a dedicated call centre in which the representatives take utmost care to get feedback from the customers. The feedback is immediately acted upon to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.Orange tours and travels operate semi sleeper coaches as well as air conditioned sleeper coaches to large number of destinations. The operator has their own workshop which is equipped with state of the art equipment. They strive to provide service of timely travel, maximum comfort, great reliability and more.

The operator has booking facilities through mobiles. One has to log on to the site through the browser on the phone. Online ticket booking through computers is also available. GPS is fitted on each bus to ensure that the bus can be tracked real time.


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