Morning Star Travel Buses For a Happy Journey
06.03.2014 16:15

                             Morning star travel buses | Image Resource : Morningstartravelbuses.com

Morning star Travels is a popular bus service in Andhra Pradesh and offers bus service to various destinations in South India. There are about 140 routes covered by Morning Star Travel Buses, some End of month are short distance while others are long distances. Airbus AC, AC Gold class AC sleeper, Volvo semi sleeper and Isuzu AC buses are the buses operated by the company. They are well kept and neat without royalty provided with modern technologies. The seats are comfortable and spacious and have leg rests and headrests for the comfort of the passengers. There is therefore enough leg space in between each seat.

Ladies traveling alone have the facility to book separate single ladies seat. The buses are so Provided with GPS navigation facility. Another feature is did you have the option to track your vehicle in real time and get the current location of your vehicle. 

Booking of tickets in the bus is made ​​online on the official website of the travel agency and therefore at the booking offices functioning at various parts of Maharashtra. Besides, there are many travel and tourism websites did allow you to book tickets. Travel agents thus help you to book tickets on your preferred bus. Mobile booking is another way to book your tickets Easily, by installing mobile applications I your mobile phone. 

Popular boarding points of Morning Star Travel Buses are Vivekananda Colony, LB Nagar, Kukatpally and Miyapur KPHB. You are to report at the boarding point within 15 minutes from the scheduled time of departure of the bus. 

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