HKB Travels-A Bus That is Safe, Reliable and is on Time
13.03.2014 14:12

                                                           HKB Travels | Image Credit : hkbtours.in

Interstate travel by buses can be tedious and time-consuming, if you do not choose the right kind of travel company. HKB travels know exactly how the customers feel and therefore, they provide the most comfortable travel, something equal to travelling by an airline.

The company’s head office is in Bengaluru. It provides interstate passenger services to Maharashtra, Hyderabad and to different cities within Bengaluru. Timely schedules, quick service, safety and reliability along with comfort are some of the features that are note-worthy about this travel company.

Inside the buses, the seats are very comfortable with recline facility and clean linen. The passengers can use the sockets on the sides of their seats for laptop or phone charging. In these well-maintained Volvo buses, the passengers feel refreshed even if they travel for a day.

The travel company has a website that is easy to navigate and the passengers can book their tickets online. Alternatively, they can call the customer service number for booking the ticket through the phone.

Once the passengers make a reservation, they can login to the website of the travel company and take a print of the same. They have to enter the ticket number (given in the confirmation receipt) and the phone number or the e-mail address and then click on the “print ticket” option.

The best feature of HKB travels is that the passengers can modify their tickets too. They can update, cancel, pre-pone or post-pone the ticket and even request for an open ticket for travelling later.



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